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Day 1

Day One focuses on introducing participants to the concept of recovery coaching: what it is, what they do, how they function, and, most importantly, why recovery coaches are an important piece of the recovery process.  Throughout the first day of this academy, participants take part in an array of introductory exercises to help them introduce themselves, and to begin the process of understand the wide scope of the recovery coach role.   


Describe the roles and functions of a recovery coach; List the components, core values & guiding principles of recovery




  • Welcome/Introductions of Presenters and Participants      

  • Overview of the week, Day 1 Agenda      

  • Creating a Safe Place/Working Agreements           

  • Who Am I? Exercise      

  • Spectrum of Attitudes  



  • Reconnection/Journaling      

  • What is Recovery?

  • Guiding Principles of Recovery, Recovery Core Values, Components of Recovery           

  • What is a Recovery Coach?

  • Distinguishing the Counselor, Recovery Coach and Sponsor      

  • Pluses/Wishes/Closure

Click on the PDF to view and download the Pre-Work for Day 1

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