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Day 2

Day Two moves participants a little further into understanding their own personal biases and how these differences can help or hinder working as a recovery coach.  Throughout the day emphasis is placed on building communication skills in order to help participants understand the importance of asking good questions, without our “own stuff” getting in the way.  This day contains segments on sexual harassment, crisis intervention, transference and counter transference, as recovery coaches are peers and will need some basic understanding of what to do if and when these situations arise.

Build skills to enhance relationships; Explore many dimensions of recovery & recovery coaching; Discover attitudes about self‐disclosure & sharing your story




  • Reconnection and Review      

  • Building Skills to Enhance Relationships      

  • Listening and Communication Skills      

  • Values and Differences      

  • Getting Your Buttons Pushed      

  • Sexual Harassment      

  • Crisis Intervention



  • Stigma and Labels      

  • Sharing your Story      

  • Issues of Self Disclosure      

  • Pluses/Wishes/Closing

Click on the PDF to view and download the Pre-Work for Day 2

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