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Day 3

Day Three provides participants with an opportunity to learn about the different stages of recovery and the various pathways of recovery.  In order to assist someone along their path, it is important for a coach to have an understanding of the multiple pathways of recovery in order to help match someone with what might work best for them.  We introduce the Stages of Change model and motivational interviewing during this day, so coaches have an understanding of meeting people where they are at, and how best to guide them.  

Understand the stages of recovery; Describe stages of change and their applications




  • Welcome, Agenda and Reconnection      

  • Motivational Interviewing      

  • Stages of Change



  • Reconnections and Journaling      

  • Stages of Recovery      

  • Multiple Pathways of Recovery      

  • Making Connections      

  • Closing

Click on the PDF to view and download the Pre-Work for Day 3

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