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Day 4

Day Four has two distinct parts.  In the morning, a great deal of time is spent on culture and cultural competence, and well as power and privilege.  It is important for coaches to be able to “reach” the people they provide services to, understanding their stories and what their obstacles might.  The second half of the day introduces the concept of Recovery Capitol, and its importance in this role of recovery coach.  Participants are given time to create lists of local resources in their own recovery community and learn when to make a referral. 

Increase awareness of culture, power & privilege; Understand the concept of Recovery Capital and its importance in recovery coaching




  • Welcome, Agenda and Reconnection      

  • Culture and Cultural Competence

  • Power and Privilege      

  • Power Walk       



  • The CCAR Experience      

  • Making a Referral      

  • Building Recovery Capital      

  • Resources Available to Us

  • Researching Additional Resources      

  • Pluses/Wishes/Closing

Click on the PDF to view and download the Pre-Work for Day 4

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