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The ZHLC CCAR© Recovery Coach Academy is a 5 day intensive training academy focusing on providing individuals with the skills needed to guide, mentor, and support anyone who would like to enter into or sustain long-term recovery from an addiction to alcohol or other drugs.  Provided in a (virtual) retreat like environment, the ZHLC CCAR Recovery Coach Academy prepares participants by helping them to actively listen, ask good questions, and discover and manage their own stuff.

ZHLC CCAR Recovery Coach Academy participants will:

  • Describe Recovery Coach roles ad functions

  • List the components, core values, and guiding principles of recovery

  • Build skills to enhance relationships

  • Explore many dimensions of recovery and recovery coaching

  • Discover attitudes about self disclosure and sharing your story

  • Understand the stages of recovery

  • Describe the stages of change and their applications

  • Increase their awareness of culture, power, and privilege 

  • Address ethical and boundaries issues

  • Experience recovery wellness planning

  • Practice newly acquired skills

Each day of the Recovery Coach Academy is set up so that participants gain the necessary skills and knowledge to be a Recovery Coach by using the principles behind adult learning theory which states:

  • Adults are internally motivated and self-directed

  • Adults bring life experiences and knowledge to learning experiences

  • Adults are goal oriented

  • Adults are relevancy oriented

  • Adults are practical

  • Adult learners like to be respected

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